Happy Traffic and September

Last week I wrote about fear in writing, or more appropriately,  how we don’t like to think of ourselves as being fearful. This week I’m thinking about feeling good.  If you live in South Louisiana, or the New Orleans area in particular,  you know that  feeling has a lot to do with the weather. We’re blessed with gorgeous weather this week, and I experienced what I’m Calling “Happy Traffic.” Hang with me.

Happy traffic occurs during those rare days when no big holiday looms and folks are rushing to shop, or a Saints football game when folks are rushing to the Dome, or just rushing to work or to pick up kids – rushing . Surrounding the city on this spectacular Tuesday is a consensus that we can slow down enough to take in sunshine and slightly cooler temps.  

So, Happy Traffic.

I admit Sirius radio in my car enhances my feelings. On this day the channel with 70’s music is playing.  Not by accident, as  I am scoping 70’s hits for my current novel. With sunshine all around,  Carpenters are singing “Rainy Days and Mondays.” Wait, it’s not Monday and it’s not Rainy, but deciding to wait for the next song, my patience paid off when Credence Clearwater Revival  let loose with “Down in Louisiana.”   That really got me going with that raspy guttural bluesy sound that always rises to the occasion – mood lifting, and plain old fun.

As if that wasn’t enough, we have Stevie Wonder next and that wonderful song “for Once in My Life,” letting me know he’s s unafraid for once in his life  and knows he will be strong, and my sense of well-being continued to soar. Even Gladys Knights “Midnight Train to Georgia” brought on lovely memories sprinkled with gratitude for experiencing her soul-filled sound all these years.

I wanted to keep driving – no particular destination, just a chance to enjoy the moment.  Taking in the luxury of beautiful weather, music from the gods,  and happy traffic.

Thanks, September.


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