This is my brand for me new website. Why Louisiana and not just New Orleans? The city where delicious food and jazzy music abound is exciting and mysterious. There is even more to the state, and as I’ve discovered, so much to write about. There are the Acadiana parishes around Lafayette, small Cajun towns along Bayou Lafourche, historic Natchitoches on the Cane River, and more. That’s one of the reasons I decided to choose Ruston in North Louisiana as my setting for my first novel. Different from other parts of the state, Ruston has beautiful rolling hills and boasts the famous peaches sold throughout the South. My main character in my premiere novel meets her romantic interest while riding horseback in the family orchard. More to follow on that one. So come with me as I blog about the progress on my novel and publication in the near future. All by A LOUISIANA AUTHOR! Let’s talk!

2 Comments on “A LOUISIANA AUTHOR”

  1. I can almost feel the cool air coming to Ruston and see the colors of the trees change. We don’t see much of those colors here in New Orleans.


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