it’s hard to believe it is one year later since I posted on this blog. There are several reasons, some might be excuses, but for the most part, I got lost in the advance promotion and later marketing of CC’S Road Home. I would like to tell you about it. When your book is ready to be released about three months prior to launch day, you are able to order copies called ARCs or advance reader copies. These are books which you hope to distribute to critics, newspapers, reviewers, anyone who might help you talk and write about your new book and help get it noticed. You make a list beforehand and contact these folks. I worked on this, but was not too successful in getting the word out. I did get in touch with other authors and traded reviews; “you read my book and I’ll read yours” and we will trade reviews.

That worked well and I received some wonderful reviews, and i’m proud of them. As I worked on this I geared up working on my platform, hoping to get my work noticed on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Sounds simple, right? It takes hours everyday to really work your platform the way you want to, all the while hoping you are not bothering people.

As I worked on my platform, I also started working with Diana Watson on my zoom January launch of CC. Diana is amazing in the truest sense of the word. She moderates writing groups every week to morivate and encourage local authors, and she is the reason I had a beautiful discussion of my bookon January 7, 2021. You can view the you tube version on my home page at this site.

More work ensued, but I apologize for leaving my website to tackle other projects since so many of you started following me here. I enjoy communicating about the journey towards getting my book out, and look forward to writing more about it.

More to follow. Leah

A New Book and More

So starting a new book. What if CC’S mom is the main character. What if you add details you might have wanted to when you read about Loreen in CC? What year might it be? Why is she living in New Orleans? What is she doing now? Where is CC? Does Loreen have any contact with CC? Is ex-boyfriend still around? And so on. You are invited to add your thoughts to get me pointed in a direction. It’s your chance to write a book or at least add to it. Write comments on website on the blog page or email me at address on home page. You are cordially invited to be a participant. Best to subscribe on home page to make it easy to communicate with me on this topic or any topic.


Looking back on my blog last June, I wrote about my initial shoulder replacement surgery and the aftermath. For the remainder of 2018 I coventrated on my physical therapy and consequences of the surgery. I also announced my returning to writing my novel using the fingers of my right hand. I was not too keen on trying to write with oral methods even though friends told me I could do it. I could write email and journal entries, but i couldn’t seem to create my fiction orally. As I wrote in June, I completed some 42,000 words or the remaining chapters of my book with my right hand.

I return to my story because it is Disability Awareness Month. I hesitated to write this until now because there are so many folks out there who struggle with physical and mental disabilities. Some have been at it all of their lives. It almost felt like iI demeaned their point of view when i just have had to deal with this condition for three years.

But I have, and what I do know is that I can empathize more fully. I want to tell them how heroic they are. I want to say how angry I feel sometimes. This happened to me without any warning. i was supposed to come out of surgery with a sling and a fuller, happier life. What i came out of surgery with was a shoulder replacement, a nine inch scar housing a rod, seven screws and a plate that ripped my radial nerve leaving me with wrist drop. I couldn’t raise or use my arm and i certainly couldn’t use my hand. Angry, you bet.

Anger can be beneficial, don’t you think? It can get you into action. And that’s what i did. Got into action and had the third surgery. In February of this year, I had a tendon transfer to try to restore the use of my hand. Another eight months of occupational therapy and another wrist brace and I must tell you, i have greater use of my hand. more function, which makes the OT’s so happy to hear.

I still cannot write longhand. I type with my right hand and my left index finger which would drive the therapists crazy, but it works. i am writing more orally, dictating text and copy/pasting to whatever I care to. I didn’t even know i could copy/paste to so many places. I have pasted all over websites and business memos and every medium I can find, so ling as it gets the job done.

I said i was going to write about publishing and querying agents at then end of the June post, but I’m not. It’s Disability Awareness Month. I want to write about awareness, because what i notice now are the folks out there who need a helping hand. I am more aware now of the lady who can’t quite push the basket, the man who needs help to open the door, the person who obviously cannot read the paper he’s supposed to fill out. The every day people who need help and whom I can help, even when i just had use of one arm and hand. Now that I have partial use of that arm and hand, imagine what i can do. Let me never forget.

And to those folks who have lived with disability for a long time, for all their lives maybe, find a way to tell your story, to speak your story. You need to be heard more than anything.

I wasn’t going to talk about publishing, but let me tell you, when i started working with publishers, they didn’t want to hear that I write with one hand. They didn’t want to hear that I couldn’t write a long revision that day, that it might take three days. They just want the work done. That’s why we tell our story.

It helps me to write about it. And I’ve only been at this for three years – and i have my left index finger helping out. I’m going to continue my telling you about this. Life does go on, and as Maya Angelou said, “I rise.”

We surely do.

Going on Now!

There is an event going on now. CC’ S Road Home is available for pre order.

The campaign is going on now. Please go to my homepage to see link and information to complete the pre order.

Thank you for considering this option.

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Interesting title, don’t you think? What does it really mean. As young children, we swore friends forever by crossing our fingers. Girls even had a sure fire method by crossing pinkies. Boys? I’ve heard they beat each other up and a bond is created.

Classroom -Gatesville High School

What does this picture reveal? It was sent to me by a lifetime friend, Jim Ed Riley from Gatesville, Texas, who more than once in high school demonstrated he was a loyal friend. Little did I know back then in tenth grade, I would hear from him years ago in an article he wrote about his favorite redheads, One lady with this hair color was our favorite English teacher, and the other redhead, you guessed it, was me.

I would love it if Jim Ed would post that article here, but for now, let me tell you, just because we are life time friends, doesn’t mean we always stayed in touch. That’s the thing about friends for life. We drift apart. Jim Ed and I did. But when we reconnect, it’s like we never parted. More like we were lost in space, called time, and when we found each other again, that special friendship is still there.

Another surprising fact. We think we know each other so well, but friends for life can surprise each other. Jim Ed is a writer -and a good one. He is admin for Gus Koch’s Gatesville 1884 public group page where he writes about all things Texas, which I love, and bids everyone good night at the end of his day. And the pictures! Great! Why do I follow that FB page?

Even though I connect with its admin, I remember some of the followers from -how many years ago?- I follow it because I love folks who find a sense of purpose. On the surface, Jim Ed seems to be touting Gatesville and surrounding areas, but I think the importance is his linking people. Keeping them together, friends for life. I read some of the replies and posts, and amazed at what friends remember and want to talk about.

The group is a true respite. Sometimes a trip back in time, but also a truly quiet place to land. When folks friend to this group, they really mean ‘friended.’

I have a few other friends for life. mostly people I met at work years ago, Work is a wonderful place to bond. Mary always Mary, thirty years Mary. Y’all know about her. Pat, who amazingly in retirement does exactly what she wanted to do, not what others told her was best. Today , she lives in a lovely cottage she built and has tea parties with her granddaughters.

I was asked as a security question recently to write down my first very first best friend’s name. Easy , Mary Ellen. I don’t see her, but I remember. Boy, do I remember. We have some catching up to do.

But it was Jim Ed who kept my secrets, told me over and over, I could do whatever I decided to do, emails old pictures to me like the one above. He is there in that virtual space where we all need him. My friend for life.

Visit Leah on FB/LeahB.Eskine, twitter Eskineleah




Here I was in the late summer of 2019 with a completed young adult novel and no place to go. I knew I had revisions ahead of me, so I returned to the advice of my old friend, Margo Dill, from Women on Writing (WOW). She has a website Editor 911 devoted to helping authors in several categories, and I wanted her to read my work, edit , and comment on weaknesses and strengths. Since I worked with her on WOW, I had a discount but her fee was still reasonable, well worth the cost.

She did a great job and I was delighted to get a printed copy back from her with edits and a lengthy letter outlining those factors. Actually, she found more strengths than I did and less weaknesses than I did. Pretty good! She also had publishing recommendations which were helpful.

I want to give a shout out to my friends and writing partners, Dee Boling, Xavier DeSoto, and Doug Stevens, all writers themselves, who took interest in my work and stuck with me. It really does take help from others to get a writing project off the ground.

I began the job of researching and in a former blog, I wrote about query and the work of looking at samples online and writing over and over until you get that one page you feel might make an impression and get a nod from some kind agent. I did not. As a tip, I regret not writing about my themes in my query; I believe my theme of racial tension is important in the novel and would be of interest to more agents. Instead, I focused on the pregnancy and the sexual assualt, both important themes to today’s reader, but this is such an important moment to write about attitudes towards race.

Another shout out to Shannon Thompson, author of many novels who focuses on young adult and a really neat person. You can follow here on Twitter and Facebook where she maintains an interesting, often carefree, presence.

Back to me. When it became pretty obvious, I couldn’t get an agent – YET -I began researching independent authors, These are traditional publishers, but I will tell you, you must follow their submission guidelines, and they vary. You might not want to go forward when you read some of them. If you don’t follow their guidelines, they will not respond. If they request a fee for ANYTHING, you are in the self-publishing domain, which is fine if that’s want you want to do. I determined early on I didn’t want to self-publish my first novel. I wanted to learn more about publishing and marketing. BTW, no matter who you publish with, you will have to help with the marketing. It’s quite possible I will do self publish next time, but for now, I needed help. I had been through several surgeries and didn’t know squat about publishing, so I went through Black Rose Printing. in Texas. Haven’t paid them a dime, and more than satisficed.

That’s where I am today. My novel, CC’s Road home, will be released January, 2021, and I hope to do a cover reveal very soon on this website, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. I am very excited to say the least and those links are on my homepage.

If you would like a sample query letter or the website I researched to find independent traditional publishers, give me your email address on my home page and comment as to what I can help you with.



Working in home office after hand surgery.

The title of this article is taken from #amwiting last year. Another writer discussed how difficult it is to keep working with physical ailments. Some folks know a little of my story. I have not divulged a great deal about what happened to me because I was so engrossed in a comeback to my writing.

For me it all started with a rotator cuff shoulder surgery which went haywire. In March, 2018, I underwent a reverse shoulder replacement –left – which is also my dominant side. During that surgery the surgeon fractured my humerus, my upper arm, which in turn cut the radial nerve. I ended up with a replacement, rod and screws and an inability to use my left hand at all due to drop wrist.

April, 2018 -arm wrap for lymphedema and hand /wrist bandage to keep swelling down.

It gor very complicated. Soon after the replacement surgery, my physical therapist determined I developed lymphedema of the left arm. This caused me to see three different therapists every week for several weeks for shoulder therapy, hand therapy, and lymphedema. I had breast cancer of both left and right breasts but I had been in remission for 18 years by that time. Never had that type of swelling before this, but when it started, it was a mess to say the least and hindered the progress of restoring function to shoulder, arm and hand. The physical and occupational therapists and I never gave up.

I wish I could say I was able to lift my arm, straighten my elbow and use my hand, but that was not the ease. It took aa lot of work at therapy for two years and home exercises. It also took a couple of more surgeries. I had a neuropathy (nerve surgery) in January, 2019, which didn’t take. Then in February, right before the quarantine, I had a tendon transfer to hopefully restore the use of my hand. The picture in the full cast at the top of the page is about six weeks after that surgery.

So what happened with my writing? In March, 2018, I had written 16 chapters of my novel, CC’S Road Home. After the surgery, I was tied up completely with the therapies and medical appointments. Frankly, I didn’t think about it. Also, I couldn’t write longhand – I had wrist drop. At the beginning of 2019, I started journaling about my experiences with Cortana and using a headset to write orally. I hated it, but plowed ahead. I tried to do the same to write my novel, but soon learned I could not write fiction orally.

On the one year anniversary of the surgery, March, 2019, I woke up and thought, “I’m going to just sit and write. One hand. My right hand.”

And that’s what I did. I proceeded to create and type my novel with the fingers of my right hand. By October, I had written 48,000 words, twenty eight -28- chapters to complete CC’S Road Home.

What ensued next was research to learn how to query and the process of siubmission, all with my right hand. As you probably know, there is more to this story. In the next blog I will write about how I found a publisher and how I got published, and what happened because of the hand surgery this year.

For now, this is what I have to say on how it got hard, what I did when it got hard, and how to keep going when it gets hard. LBE