New Orleans Proud

Greetings to all on a beautiful Monday in New Orleans. So I’ll start with the ‘city that care forgot’ today. I am expecting some out of town guests later this fall who have only been to this wonderful place for two days, and of course, they visited the French Quarter when they weren’t in conferences. Good choice but so much more to enjoy. Day or night, one of the most magivcal things to do is a streetcar ride. And it is a must to ride the St. Charles Avenue line. Always a winner. You will be riding the oldest continuously running streetcar in the entire world. It was made an historical landmark in 1973, and you will see so much history on St. Charles. Mansions sit quietly in full view as you look out your window and enjoy the beautiful oak tree canopy, shading the street and pedestrians who stroll leisurely on narrow sidewalks. During the 1960’s arguments surfaced about the need to abandon the system, especially in the downtown area, to allow for more automobile traffic. But New Orleanians never wavered in their loyalty. So much so, that in 2004 another streetcar line started rumbling on its way connecting The North Carollton Avenue, Mid City area with downtown New Orleans. You can jump on the car pictured below and ride all the way to Canal Street, the Mississippi River, The French Quarter and more. The street car ride is truly an experience to remember.

New Orleans Proud

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