It’s another beautiful day here in New Orleans. October brings with it sunny, mild weather and I’m really looking forward to getting outside for a walk. But before I do, I want to write about my PLATFORM. As I began writing my novel, I also checked around with other writers on websites and YouTube. As I did, I read about the importance of creating a platform. The advice out there was to get it going about a year before publishing your work. That seemed premature to say the least. What would I write about on a website? What would I post on Facebook? What could I possibly contribute on Twitter? You get the idea. Looking back, I understand the advice I was getting. First, it takes a while to get all of the media in place. Second, you hope to get a following to help when your work is published. Third, it helps me to establish my own interest in what I’m trying to accomplish. Namely, to write and publish a work of fiction that others will want to read. Creating a platform to generate interest is a wonderful opportunity, and isn’t it great that we have the technology to do it? I’m still working at it. As you can see, I have links on my homepage to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. It takes work – and fun- to check your media and not only share what you’re doing, but to also follow writers, agents, publishers, friends, etc. My advice is to grab someone who understands what you’re trying to do to help in the creation of your platform. I’m fortunate my daughter in law, Elisa, is an excellent media strategist and librarian. She helped with my website, and, believe me, I couldn’t have done it without her. Next, I’m going to take one of my young friends, someone under twenty- five, for coffee to help me work on my new Facebook page and Instagram. I also belong to a newly formed marketing group with members willing to help each other. Teamwork, right! I wish you luck if you’re just beginning the journey in writing, publishing, marketing, wherever you are.. Have fun! Let us know how you’re doing.

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