A New Book and More

So starting a new book. What if CC’S mom is the main character. What if you add details you might have wanted to when you read about Loreen in CC? What year might it be? Why is she living in New Orleans? What is she doing now? Where is CC? Does Loreen have any contact with CC? Is ex-boyfriend still around? And so on. You are invited to add your thoughts to get me pointed in a direction. It’s your chance to write a book or at least add to it. Write comments on website on the blog page or email me at address on home page. You are cordially invited to be a participant. Best to subscribe on home page to make it easy to communicate with me on this topic or any topic.

2 Comments on “A New Book and More”

  1. Definitely couldn’t get past the login for some reason. Again typed response then lost it all ☹️😢. Wishing you well on your new project! I really don’t have suggestions, except to say if I were to create a character I would have to know what their core response to life’s challenges would be. Like is she fear based, adventure based ? Things like that, but I’m guessing you already know her core. Enjoy your creative process, you are so good at this!


    • I am sorry and serves me right for sending out for a response watthour checking settings. Although I read your comment ere and you are right on as they used to say and apparently I still do. I am working on that concept now in the early stages. Once I do, I move on, but I needed a nudge from you. A big thank you!!! Sent from Mail for Windows From: LEAH ESKINESent: Saturday, October 23, 2021 10:16 AMTo: hileah74@gmail.comSubject: [LEAH ESKINE] Comment: "A New Book and More" 


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