it’s hard to believe it is one year later since I posted on this blog. There are several reasons, some might be excuses, but for the most part, I got lost in the advance promotion and later marketing of CC’S Road Home. I would like to tell you about it. When your book is ready to be released about three months prior to launch day, you are able to order copies called ARCs or advance reader copies. These are books which you hope to distribute to critics, newspapers, reviewers, anyone who might help you talk and write about your new book and help get it noticed. You make a list beforehand and contact these folks. I worked on this, but was not too successful in getting the word out. I did get in touch with other authors and traded reviews; “you read my book and I’ll read yours” and we will trade reviews.

That worked well and I received some wonderful reviews, and i’m proud of them. As I worked on this I geared up working on my platform, hoping to get my work noticed on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Sounds simple, right? It takes hours everyday to really work your platform the way you want to, all the while hoping you are not bothering people.

As I worked on my platform, I also started working with Diana Watson on my zoom January launch of CC. Diana is amazing in the truest sense of the word. She moderates writing groups every week to morivate and encourage local authors, and she is the reason I had a beautiful discussion of my bookon January 7, 2021. You can view the you tube version on my home page at this site.

More work ensued, but I apologize for leaving my website to tackle other projects since so many of you started following me here. I enjoy communicating about the journey towards getting my book out, and look forward to writing more about it.

More to follow. Leah

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